Why We Started

This organization has evolved from the 2012 Mickey Shunick missing person campaign which took place in Lafayette, Louisiana. Throughout the campaign, the friends and family of Mickey experienced a variety of obstacles and setbacks that occur when looking for a loved one. We hope to share not only these experiences, but also the experiences of others who have undergone a missing person campaign or group, with the hope that passing on first-hand knowledge will make a drastic improvement in the outcome of future cases.

  • Social Media – The social media sites created during the Mickey Shunick campaign played a key role in the case, and since 2012 a number of the campaign’s volunteers have maintained and grown these sites. Currently the websites inspired by the Mickey Shunick campaign assist family members and loved ones of missing people in beginning and maintaining a missing person campaign, it also communicates with various search and rescue organizations, and spreads the word about missing people of all ages, backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and locations.

We have gained a fairly large and extremely passionate and supportive online community that is very concerned with sharing information and awareness about missing people, exploited individuals, and victims of violent crime.

How We Are Run
  • RAMissingPeople conducts all of the activities through board members, volunteers and consultants. Most of the research is being conducted in regions of Southern Louisiana, most likely in the regions of Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. However, we are also collecting information and resources from the internet, media, and individual correspondences from all over the world. We believe our past, future, and current activities are consistent with the requirements needed to be granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service; we will provide a community service that no other organization provides and to restate, RAMissingPeople will be the first of its’ kind in the world.


  • In creating this organization and associated products we hope to relieve some of the stress and time that is required in a missing person campaign, as well as to support those campaigns with limited resources, people, and other constraints. We also hope that by creating an interactive website and supplying people with information about missing people, it will help to raise awareness for all types of missing person cases in the future. We will also be dedicating all of our time to missing people, whether it is creating resources, personally working with campaigns and affected individuals, or learning, researching and teaching about missing people.


  • Our professional hours will be from 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday through Friday however we will be available for contact around the clock. The activities that occurred during the Mickey Shunick Campaign were provided by community donations and subsequently from the Shunick family’s private funding. In becoming Resource Association for Missing People we anticipate our activities to continue and grow from funds received through government grants, fundraisers, and private donations. We plan on also seeking some sponsors sometime in the future.
What We Use Our Donations For

When you make a donation, your gift will go towards the creation and maintenance of our missing persons guide and operation costs to continue with our search for the missing. Embarking on a missing person campaign during such a stressful time is overwhelming and emotional. Our goal is to provide a functional, informative resource to bring your loved one home, where they belong. It has been discussed and determined by the board members of RAMissing People, that all surplus monetary and physical donations or other assets not utilized will be donated to groups, communities, organizations and individuals or campaigns geared toward missing and exploited people at the end of each fiscal year.

Meet Our Board Members

Information coming soon.